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*peeks around* this place looks empty--- but I have a few questions...
I just applied, and got accepted to Putney!! *YAY* And I cant wait to go this next fall. I'll be entering as a Junior....

I was wondering if people had favorite memories, pieces of advice, or any such thing to offer.

I was also wondering what your stance on the lack of grades at Putney was... and how is it entering college with out those grades....

Hope you are all doing well! I cant wait to be at Putney next year...
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There isn't a lack of grades. You just don't get to see them. But you can tell by the comments what grade you probably got.

Favorite memories...probably are just being in Keep. I loved Keep even if it was shnasty at times because everyone there was cool.

Oh and Oxen training. Loved that. Glenn is awesome. Uh...lots and lots of things. Miss it sometimes but I'm too busy with College so I haven't been back in a long time...maybe after I graduate I'll have time to visit.

I'm sure you'll have fun!
OK, well you have grades, but... say, do you have a big chapter test after every section in a book? Do you you use textbooks alot? Do you have homework that gets graded and averaged out? Lots of quizzes? My current school is REALLY grade focused. I have about a test and a quiz every day. Which is crazy. So I'm intrested and curious about the grade-ish like things......

I cant wait to go!
Maybe you're not a tree-hugger like myself, but I always enjoyed walking in the woods and fields of Putney's expansive campus. I even incorporated my regular woodland adventures into an essay I wrote my senior year (the great thing about Putney is you can do stuff like that!) If you're going to walk in the woods, just remember to get lost at least once.

Also, Harvest Festival is awesome. You'll like that for sure.

Have fun,

Sam, 04
I'm a partial tree hugger. Love the woods, but a bit of a wimp at times. I dont like being really cold.... so I guess seasonal tree hugger of sorts... (I know, wrong area to not like cold... I like cold, just not BITTER cold. I like snow, just not THIS many months of the year....)

I am looking forward to harvest festival- it sounds really cool! Thanks!
I came from Putney into a school where everyone was really grade concious, and for me, it was a huge change. While Putney does keep grades, the focus is not on them. All the teachers want you to do well, and so write lengthy comments describing your progress, but the only numbers I saw on any quizzes or papers was in my french class and on my final Junior year history paper. But it really depends on the teacher as to how many quizzes or how focused you are on the textbook. As a whole, I'd say no, teachers don't usually give a ton of quizzes (except in language classes) and there aren't any numbers usually involved. They do give really detailed comments, and are extrememly concious of making sure you're doing well in the class.
Hope this helps!
Eh, sorry, computer didnt sign me in.... glad to hear that it comes out balanced. And hope you've gotten used to the grades- because I dont like grades. I feel that they innacurately show our potential. Thanks!
I remember this one time, i had AM barn as a job, and they put me on herding the cows in at 5:30 am. I got up at like 5:00 and it was pouring rain. I got on a rain poncho and trudged out into the darkness, the sun hadn't even risen. I eventually made my way out to the proper cow field and in the distance was a dark figure. My herding partner. Together we herded the cows over the hill and into the barn. At the time it seemed to suck, but shortly there after i realized i enjoyed it, or at least the memory.
I have too many memories to list, but i think i gave this example to u because ur focusing on the grades, and not only does Putney not focus on the grades, it gives you so many non-academic experiences, that grades seem like a distant memory until u finish and go to college (which is an easy process by the way).
Thanks- I realized when touring my focus is sorta on rules and grades. Just because where I am its all about rules and grades. And those two things make up my idea of swchool. Which sucks. I'm really looking forward to be in a very differnt environment. Thanks for the memories!
Yes! I loved AM barn. I was shovelling gravel today (for my job) and it made me think of doing barn.
It's funny the things one grows to love.
and then there was the grass, and the bongs, and the mushrooms, and all that good fun. slay and i, we were kings. learnign to make the rules work for you, and learning what to do and when so you dont get in trouble ;) yeah thats right, remember the Schmooog

Peace Roon