Sara (seraphimdenoir) wrote in putney,


There's a Putney Community? This is scary...OMG I haven't see all of you for a long time...that's weird...Oh, well, most of you, none of you newies or summer people. I'm a Grad by the way, class of 2003. And Kailah...I think that's Kailah, about slavery at putney, I'm going to guess that project is over, but you can say that students are forced to work and study and are sold out to the school by their parents whether they like it or not and not see a penny for the work that they do... or maybe I'm stretching that a little ^-^; Aaaaany way. Oh this is Sara by the way Sara with a C-O-L-B-Y as a last name, the half Japanese girl that is fluent in ze language. w00t! Least I don't have to teach it anymore mwahahahahahah!
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