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Town Meetings

From the book Sixties Legacy:

Carl Rogers, the originator of client-centered therapy and a leading theorist in humanistic psychology, was a major advocate of the encounter-group experience...
Rogers's ideas about schooling included encounter-group experiences for teachers, administrators, parents, and students, and combinations of these groups. The encounter group philosohpy was reflected in "town-meetings" conducted by many early alternative schools, wherein the entire school community met to exchange thoughts and opinions on school policies, conditions of school life, and other matters.
Many teachers in these schools also adopted encounter-group methods in open, honest classroom discussions about course goals and activities, and in meetings with student groups in their dual capacity as counselors, an extension of the teaching role common in alternative schools.

That paragraph just sort of jumped out of the page at me...
Putney more-or-less does that. huh.

Anyway...interesting. Yeah.
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